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  • Michelle Lewis

Michelle's Renovation Tips

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

1. Be frugal. Never buy retail. Always buy wholesale, check out sales, and don’t be ashamed to pick up things on the side of the road. “I once found a perfect modern couch which was unwanted!”

2. Don’t replace what you can reuse. For example, instead of tossing an old sink away, polish it up and change the taps.

3. Always get a minimum of three quotes from tradesmen. Ask for itemised pricing so that you can ensure the bill is worth the work put in.

4. Be organised and communicate well with tradesmen.

5. Be on site on a regular basis to check on progress.

6. Build a team environment and always thank your tradesmen for good work. Also, send your tradies a message updating them on the sale of your property and emphasising that the work they did contributed to the successful transaction.

7. Styling can be key to attracting a large group to your open home. Large numbers create a sense of urgency and healthy competition in buyers. This can lead to a higher sale price. So make the styling appeal to as many people as possible by keeping colours neutral, light and bright.

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