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  • Michelle Lewis

Bathroom on a Budget

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

To many times I hear of people renovating their bathrooms to get a sale, only to get caught out with overspending on their budget and not getting a great return on their investment.

This case study was on a house we flipped in NSW. The bathroom was hideous. Water damaged draws that didn't work, outdated wallpaper, mold through out the room, cracked tiles, damaged shower screen...and the list went on.

First step was to remove the bench, sink, tap wear and draws. Next the old shower screen went and so to did the wallpaper. A new clear seamless shower screen was ordered and we went to work on the rest of the room. Instead of replacing the wall tiles and bath, we hired a respray company who came in and resprayed the bath and wall tiles in a more neutral white. At a fraction of the cost for replacement, respraying provided a great result.

Instead of removing the floor tiles and facing the potential hassle of re-grouting, we opted for a small square tile that was laid directly over top of the existing tiles. A new drain plug was sourced for the bathroom floor and the shower. The mirror trim,and window received a glowing white paint job, while the walls were sealed and painted to match the rest of the interior. The clear seamless shower screen was fitted and last to go in was the draw and basin unit purchased off Gumtree for $150 which fitted snugly into the area, without overpowering the small room.

All in all the renovation cost was less than $2,500 with the respraying and shower screen the two largest outlays. As you can see below, the change was amazing and no doubt added to the quick sale we achieved on the property.

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